The Trezor Wallet is a hardware wallet that supports a very high number of altcoins and tokens. At the end of February 2019, the number of coins was 1,011. If you simply want to buy Bitcoin and keep your coins, you have the largest possible selection of wallets available. Still, the Trezor cryptocurrency wallet is one of the best options. The Trezor One is currently available in the company’s online shop for € 69, the shipping costs are added to this price. For security reasons, we do not recommend purchases off the official platforms – such as on eBay. The Trezor Model T supports more coins than Trezor One.

The great popularity of Trezor can be attributed above all to the fact that it was the first cryptocurrency wallet for which the development spirit of the still active SatoshiLabs managing director Marek Palatinus was responsible. The wallet is supported by Windows, Mac OS X, Android and various Linux versions.

How does the Trezor Wallet differ from other products?

The differences between the different cryptocurrency wallets are sometimes very large and are mainly based on the technical requirements, which each have an impact on usability and security. The advantage is that you can manage any number of addresses with one wallet. In addition, the large selection of coins compared to software wallets ensures that you can enjoy a uniform interface. The biggest advantage, however, is security, since all transactions are signed on the device and are immune to hacks.

The wallets tested here are the safest way to store your cryptocurrencies, since the transactions are signed on the device and the private keys never leave the device. So even a device contaminated with viruses or malware cannot harm your money. You can manage many addresses with one device and, for example, unlike paper wallets, you don’t always need new paper. Everything is managed with just one device. Many models support different cryptocurrencies. So you do not have to deal with different software wallets or paper wallets, but you have a uniform and familiar interface. Transactions always require the device to sign. Unlike software wallets, for example online or as an app on a smartphone, you always need the second device. This makes it more complex, but should be bearable due to the higher security.

Is the Trezor Wallet Secure?

As it is a hardware wallet, Trezor is one of the best cryptocurrency wallets in terms of security. This is because, compared to an online wallet, your data is not accessible at all times, but is stored on an external device during transactions by buying ETH or other altcoins also be signed there. The only downside to security is that the extra device has to be with you every time you make a transaction. Since Trezor is one of the best cryptocurrency wallets, you don’t even need a PIN code to look at the transaction history. Trezor remembers the device used. Trying out 30 PINs would take 17 years. There is also a passphrase and a recovery seed as additional security measures. Thanks to the open source code, you are always free to convince yourself of the quality of the product.

Summary of our Trezor experience

Our experience with the Trezor wallet is extremely positive. The product appears to be of high quality and, thanks to various precautions – especially as a hardware wallet – offers maximum security. With over 1,000 supported coins and tokens, Trezor offers more than most other cryptocurrency wallets. You can definitely sleep peacefully at night if you entrust your credit to Trezor. The best known alternative to Trezor Ledger is called Nano S among the best cryptocurrency wallets.

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