If you want to become successful in the world of crypto-currencies, a network of experts, brokers and trading partners is essential for you from a certain point on. We explain why the respective components are so important and give tips for successful trading.

The right broker

Central to your success are the right trading partners and brokers. When buying crypto-currencies, you are dependent on the trading partner you choose having good terms and conditions, an extensive selection of coins and a wide range of additional functions. Of course we can help you with this: On our broker overview page you can see a large selection of brokers that we have tested. To get started we recommend you read our eToro Broker Test and our 24Option Test. Remember: a good broker is regulated, offers you the best conditions – and is essential for your success in the market! Because a reputable broker will only offer you those crypto currencies which have a long-term chance of price increases and have therefore been extensively tested and valued.

The right experts

Real experts on the subject of cryptocurrencies are rare, but they are a valuable resource. What are the exchange rate trends of the common currencies? Which old coins are currently pushing onto the market? What news is there regarding ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), market capitalization and market regulations? For experienced investors it is worthwhile to communicate with paid experts and advisors and thus increase profits. But we are also here to help you: Our Bitcoin Price Page, our Crypto Trading Guide and our Bitcoin Buying Guide are just the beginning. Expert opinions can help you choose the right investment and protect you from bad or hasty purchases. So always rely on a well-developed network of experts for your investments. In the long term, you will benefit and learn from the best.

Contact with other investors

The last item on our list is contact with other brokers: actively seek this contact and exchange your investment experiences. Studies show that the intelligence of the masses exceeds even that of experienced individuals when it comes to investing. So you benefit from this measure. A special tip is social trading. In our article on Social Trading, we explain all the advantages of this type of trading and show you how Social Trading works in detail. Social interactions can be found with brokers like eToro, among others, which makes them even more accessible for you. The social component pays off for all investors – so don’t hesitate!

Conclusion: A good network is worth it!

As you can see, a network of trading partners, experts and contacts can be of great benefit to investors. So start early rather than late to build a network and expand and maintain it over time. This not only increases your chances of making a profit, but also makes you a valuable resource for new investors in the market. The exchange of valuable information opens up many opportunities.

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