An account with is created in a few minutes. After that Bitcoins have to be transferred to the wallet. After that the interest calculation starts automatically. advertises that the Bitcoins earn an average interest rate of 2.5% per year. This is not necessarily outstanding, but it is definitely better than if the Bitcoins in an interest-bearing wallet are aging. The interest bearing Bitcoins are credited daily to the account. itself advertises that the wallet is designed for long-term savings rather than quick profit.

Interest on Bitcoins: How does earn money and what does cost?

In order for to pay interest on Bitcoins, they use them to lend them for margin trading. On exchanges like POLONIEX, crypto-currencies can be lent for a short period of time. This is a form of securities lombard loan where a loan is given to pre-finance the loan transactions (margin trading). This means that traders who wish to speculate with margin trading in crypto currencies can take out a loan. This means that with a stake of five Bitcoins (security deposit) it is possible to trade with a total of ten Bitcoins. This means that the remaining five Bitcoins are borrowed from other Bitcoin owners.

And this is exactly where comes in: They take care of lending their clients’ Bitcoins at the margin market as best they can. Depending on the demand for loans on the margin market, the higher the interest paid out. does not charge any fees for this, but receives 15% of the interest earned.

In our test the average annual interest rate was 1.94%. Of course, it is also possible to lend money directly to the margin markets. You can also read about our experience with POLONIEX here.


Although attaches great importance to security and offers the possibility of a 2FA login with CLEF in addition to the registration via e-mail address/password combination, this cannot be used afterwards. Therefore, the account opening should be done directly via CLEF. Unfortunately offers only a few settings after the account opening. Also a password cannot be changed afterwards.

Conclusion: Simple wallet with an annual interest rate of approx. 2%. is a simple Bitcoin wallet with an annual interest rate of about 2%, which makes a serious impression. Because of the realistic interest rate does not give the impression of a scamming site. If there are some Bitcoins lying around unused anyway, offers a simple way to increase them a little bit more.

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