Hohle der lowen schweiz investoren vermögen

80 Millionen Euro für die gefeierten Putzmittel der Everdrop-Gründer

Mar 17 by Zushura

Timestamps: - The problem Linia solves - Acquiring your first international customer - The biggest competitor - Product market fit by trial and error - Being bootstrapped About Lorenzo Arizzoli-Bulato Lorenzo Arizzoli-Bulato is the co-founder and managing director at LINIA, a startup manufacturing drone software for power line inspection. Das war dann unsere zweite Weltmeisterschaft. And often the person they hire ends up having to speak to an accountant anyway. In Phil Libin stepped down from his CEO role at Evernote remaining as Chairman until and moved on to new projects, such as the product studio All Turtles and the video communication company mmhmm. He studied film and media science at the University of Copenhagen but then pivoted to the business world, and created Netlify in together with co-founders Mathias Biilmann.