Bittrex offers one of the largest ranges of crypto currencies with around 200 trading pairs. In our Bittrex test, we determine whether the provider is secure and how well Bittrex trading works. Read our Bittrex test to learn more.

Bittrex Trading: How we test

In our test we check Bittrex for the following quality characteristics.

? fees: Are Bittrex fees within the usual range?

? Selection of Coins: Does Bittrex offer a wide range of Coins in comparison?

? Security: How does the provider make the exchange secure?

? User experience: Is Bittrex easy to use or only suitable for experienced investors?

Looking for more information? You can find it on our Exchange main page and in our cryptographic trading guide.

Background of the Exchange

Bittrex was founded in 2013 and is based in Las Vegas. Since 2014 you can trade on Bittrex. The Exchange has a good image among experts as it was founded by former Microsoft employees.

Regulation and security

Bittrex is not regulated, but must comply with SEC rules in the USA. Therefore, at times over 80 crypto currencies were taken off the platform. In Europe the exchange is not regulated. Bittrex can score points when it comes to data protection: thanks to the two-factor authentication, hackers will find it more difficult to crack your account.

Trading platform

Bittrex is a classic exchange: you log on to the provider, deposit money into your account and buy crypto currencies. The site is a bit confusing to navigate. Therefore Bittrex offers a special wallet for storing your coins. Important: Always keep an eye on rates like the Bitcoin rate when trading.

Fees and limits when trading with Bittrex

Our Bittrex test shows that the charges are within the normal range. There is a 0.25% fee on each trade. Minimum deposit and deposit limit vary depending on the currency. The minimum payout is $10.

Payment methods

As an Exchange, Bittrex allows you to pay with crypto-currencies, which you exchange on the platform for other crypto-currencies. For some time now, trading with US dollars has also been possible. This is done by bank transfer. Read our Bitcoin Credit Card Guide to learn why paying by credit card is often better. Also of interest here is our Bitcoin PayPal guide.

Customer service in the Bittrex test

The customer service is available around the clock, but only in English. The situation could improve here.

Bittrex Trading: Functions

The large selection of currencies, as well as the offer of an own Bittrex Wallet stand out positively. Many brokers do not offer their own wallet. Others, like the broker eToro, allow you to buy without a wallet.

The comparison with top brokers

But how does the Exchange compare? The comparison with the broker eToro is obvious here. Bittrex scores with its wide range of coins, its own wallet and its security. However: Bittrex can’t quite keep up with eToro, as you can see from our eToro broker test. For example, eToro offers the possibility to pay with PayPal and is better regulated.

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